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Eden Reforestation Project

Are You Passionate About The Environment? ​

One of the largest global phenomenons affecting our planet is deforestation. It ranges from large hack and slash projects to mass burnings of forests around the world. Even unsustainable agriculture has a significant impact on this global issue.

This is one of the main reasons that AURA MIA has teamed up with Eden Reforestation Projects. Every time you purchase one of our eco-friendly yoga mats, a portion of the proceeds will help this organisation achieve its goals. You will also receive a tree plantation certificate as a thank you on behalf of mother earth.

But who is Eden Reforestation Projects, and how do they help the planet? Here’s everything that you need to know about AURA MIA’s new partner.

Who is Eden Reforestation Projects?

The organisation recognises that the regions that are most impacted by deforestation are undeveloped or highly poverty-stricken areas. To support their families, these people are forced to destroy their environment for agricultural purposes. These actions lead to desertification, erosion, and flooding.

Therefore, the Eden Reforestation Projects aims to offer employment to members of these communities to become agents of change by restoring the forest that they may have had a hand in destroying.

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What Work Do They Do?

The Eden Reforestation Projects aims to take a holistic approach to ecological restoration. For starters, they partner with villages that committed to restoring the forests in their area. They also hire and train locals on how to plant new trees so they can thrive.

The organisation only plants native species, and it’s up to the villages to protect and maintain the forests. This approach has seen a seedling survival rate of over 80%, and the Eden Reforestation Projects are constantly looking for ways to improve this figure.

How Can You Help?

AURA MIA believes we are all part of team earth. As part of this group, it also means we should all tribe together and recognise those who need our help. Partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects is a tremendous honour for us as a company and is a way for AURA MIA to give back to the community.

That’s why when you purchase an eco-friendly yoga mat, you can also help support this beautiful cause. Proceeds will get donated on your behalf, and you’ll receive a tree plantation certificate to thank you for making this possible.

Where You Can Get an Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Instead of facing all the chaos and tension in our everyday lives, why not focus this energy on making a difference instead. You can play a significant role in creating the world that we all want to live in by supporting organisations like Eden Reforestation Projects who are trying to save the planet.

If you want to show your support, head over to the AURA MIA store now to grab your eco-friendly yoga mat. Proceeds will be sent on your behalf to Eden Reforestation Projects to help in their ecological restoration initiatives, and we’ll send you a thank you card for your donation.

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