How You Can Have a Successful Plastic Free July

Have you heard of Plastic Free July?

This initiative first began in 2011 with the goal being to go the entire of month July without using any single-use plastic. It could have been bringing your own mug when you buy a coffee in the morning or avoiding the use of plastic bags at the supermarket. Regardless, the purpose is to avoid using any type of plastic for every single one of the 31 days.

Since its conception, the challenge has grown in popularity, with more people participating and attempting to develop new habits. So how can you partake in this year’s Plastic Free July? It might seem challenging to give up on plastic at first, but here are some simple tips to help you succeed.

How Can You Get Started?

Once you start paying closer attention to your lifestyle, you quickly realise that there is plastic everywhere. It can be difficult and overwhelming to eradicate it from your life completely. But it’s not impossible. Try these steps to help you get into the habit of ditching plastic once and for all.

  • Use reusable cups or mugs when you get your morning coffee
  • Wrap food using beeswax fabric or paper
  • Bring your own bag when head to the shops
  • Avoid purchasing products filled with microbeads
  • Say no to plastic straws when you buy a drink

Do your research on clothing and be sure they use sustainable materials

Why Should You Participate in Plastic Free July?

One of the most disturbing facts that sparked the need for Plastic Free July was that by 2050, there is expected to be more plastic waste in the ocean than marine life. While there have been many steps taken to recycle a lot of the plastic being used, the sad reality is that most of it still ends up in the ocean or a landfill, where it will hang around for hundreds of years.

There are even parts of the ocean that are nothing but garbage. One area you might have heard of is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It contains 1.8 trillion pieces of rubbish that are mostly made from plastic. The area is already the size of France, but it continues to grow rapidly.

Thankfully, initiatives like Plastic Free July are growing in popularity and creating more awareness about single-use plastic. As more people become aware of it, the hope is that slowly more individuals will change their habits, and the volume of plastic waste will begin reducing.

What Else Can You Do to Help the Planet?

Participating in Plastic Free July can help you rethink your habits and reduce your consumption of materials that aren’t biodegradable. This can go beyond what you drink coffee out of or use to carry groceries from the car to your house.

One of Aura Mia’s principles is that we only provide products that are free of PVC, toxins, and plastic. It’s our way of servicing the planet and creating awareness of how you can help too. You can find out more about our sustainable products over at our store.

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