Let's Talk about my journey

Hello beautiful people my name is Paola and I am so happy to have you here and I desire to tell you a little more about myself. Working in a company as a fashion designer by the age of 25, I realised I had the world in my hands. I saw a pretty standard life staring back at me and I feared being confined to this crystal ball without the opportunity to see the world outside. I left part of my life behind because the desire I had to explore a new life was bigger than any fear I may have had. 

I started my journey of yoga about 5 years ago and my passion for painting came to life a few years after. I came to realise combining my two passions would be the next step in following my dreams. Placing my thoughts firstly onto a canvas, surrounded by the beautiful art that life has been offering us. Forever getting inspired by nature and the sounds that take me into little adventures inside of my mind, in a meditative space where I am free to create. Then placing these creations onto yoga mats for me is more than generating money, it is about my dream to create connection between one another, our clients and us. This is where Aura Mia was born. Aura Mia is not just a product or a company, it is an experience and we want you to be a part of the journey.


It has always been a priority for me to create a sustainable brand, for we are of service to our planet. Since it all began I have often asked myself how I can not only be of service to our planet but also to our community to create an awareness of our precious planet earth. My main focus was to provide a product free of PVC, plastic and toxins. 

My second focus when sourcing our mats was to be able to support a community of people in need. The Wayuu indigenes community in Colombia have been forgotten in many ways by the government. 


By purchasing one of Aura Mia’s yoga strap, you will not only be buying an ethically produced yoga mat made from natural rubber, you will also be helping a community generate their own income.  

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

I would love for you to view our range of beautiful, eco-friendly yoga mats.

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